Siti Archeologici

History through elements of material culture, organic remains and linguistic relicts, has left uninterrupted traces at least from the Old Neolithic, with some elements that are even related to previous ages.
The Sardic landscape conserves in a diffused way the remains of housing settlements, of funerary monuments and of religious buildings, and the excavations gave back the mobile elements: the ceramics, the tools and the stony and then metallic idols which accompanied the daily activities and the significant moments of life of these distant forefathers.
These witnesses, in form of the archaeological sites and museums, rebuild a partial, but very characteristic and unique image of the activities and the spiritual events of the antique populations, throughout a progressive way that elaborates in original forms cultural stages that are demonstrated everywhere on the isle.

Domus de Janas Sa Mardona
Nuraghe Nuraxi
Nuraghe Sa Puliga
Domus de Janas Is Arceddas
Nuraghe Cea

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