Local Cuisine

Rich of characteristic meals, it proposes the offers of the Mediterranean agricultural tradition combined with the pastoral products of the Sardic tradition and in particular that of Ogliastra.
This double tradition is a marriage of the main course "Culurgionis", special ravioli or dumpling filled with mashed potatoes and Pecorino cheese, they have a characteristic shape of a tear or a little handbag and are closed by hand with some particular movements of the fingers, they are dressed with a tomato sauce and cheese or grilled on embers.
Unforgettable are the roasted specialities, of piglet, lamb, sheep or beef, for the sapidity of the meat and for the special cooking technique that provides a single dressing, salt.
 Among the cheeses Pecorino and Casu axedu, fresh and tender cheese of double curdling, tart and with rennet. 
The cultivation of hard wheat bran provides the main material for special typical bread, from the classical "pistoccu", a crisp bread for long preservation, to the “civargiu”, a focaccia of flat and consistent pastry, to the “pani  pintau”, a bread of hard pastry which is decorated for ceremonies and religious feasts, celebrations that are also accompanied by traditional sweets like Amaretti, “pani ‘e accònciu” and the “paniscedda”, sweet bread with cooked grape must called sapa or saba, the “pardulas” e the “culurgionis” of cream, of ricotta and black pudding.
The long vocation for the cultivation of vine and its transformation which is common in the domestic wine cellars that serve a rich variety of the wine “cannonau”, from the homonym vine that finds its historical area of diffusion over the central eastern territories of Sardinia.

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