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In the centre of Ogliastra, in the central eastern part of Sardinia, along the highway that connects Trotolì and Lanusei, provincial capitals of the smallest Province in Italy, and also connects the coastline with the mountain area of Gennargentu with the Barbagia, for its geographical centrality it is the ideal starting point for many important itineraries. In the East there is the littoral zone and the beach of Cea with its stacks of red porphyry and the basaltic plateau of Teccu, further South there is the reef of pink granite and the embroidered crest of the coastal mountain Monte Ferru;  at the inner part of the fantastic landscape there are the Tacchi dolomitici with wonderful caves and geological and archaeological treasures. In the West there are the granitic uplands, the schistous mountains and the forests of Gennargentu, the roof of Sardinia; and finally in the North, the wonderful flows of red porphyry, a geological peculiarity of Ogliastra, the calcareaous ramparts of the supramonte, a world on its own where phenomenon of the karst have designed primitive scenes which conserve a rich biodiversity of endemism and old forests enclosed on the Tyrrhenian by splendid bays and high cliffs.

Summer is the most known season to the visitors and the Sea performs a heavy recall, but there also exists a Sardinia not that known and realer which throughout all seasons has generous fruits and its own flavour. This Sardinia expresses its own nature through the beauty of its sculpted landscapes, the variety of the cultivated places and of the vast pastures still populated by wild herds, and through the particular mildness of its climate which gives even in plain winter splendid sunny days, with a blue sky and desert beaches.

Even more it expresses itself inside the small villages, in the fruits of its special  traditions and proposes again the standard forms of Sardic hospitality in a series of events that cyclically mark out the seasons. 


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