The Sheep Shearing

Once in a year, at the end of April, May, the heavy voile of the sheep must be clipped, the animal gains a slimmer and lighter shape and like a new person it is ready to face the summer heat.
This occasion represents a particular moment in the work of a shepherd, which normally is done as an individual activity, since it requests the collective participation and the reciprocal help. 
Everything becomes a particular celebration with the capture and the tying of the animals, the loosening of the cowbells, the snipping with the characteristic craftsman scissors, the folding of the coat of wool like a gown and finally the releasing of the animal made lighter in such a way, accompanied by the sound of voices and bleating in a strange and unique amalgam of sounds. 
The celebration ends in a big community lunch, with plenty of what the pastoral tradition offers with selected roasted meat and the really delicious 'treccia' a braid with the innards of sheep, strictly managed by the men, while the women prepare a main course of Pasta, dressed with an unforgettable meat sauce and a delicate salad of the season.
At the end of a meal the delicacies, all Sardic, are never missing: the “casu axedu”, a tart and tender cheese with double curdling, the fresh and mature Pecorino cheese, and, listen!, the cheese with worms and the kid rennet, which compete in sharpness and bring out, at least this is what they say, male's virtues.
The Cannonau, the red full-bodied vintage wines, the flavoursome Grappa and the 'Mirto' a myrtle liqueur made of real berries, they complete the feast of flavours, before the traditional sweets, and a marvellous coffee combined with the inevitable game Morra.
This event of the Sardic pastoral tradition, that is still lively perceived and in great parts untouched, conserves the most beautiful image of the “Pastoralism”, a civilization recognized by UNESCO as immaterial heritage of mankind.

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